Tourists and Terrorists (Single 2022)


Experimental Progressive Rock

Anticipation can be something wonderful. As long as it is not for a too long period like when waiting for live action. But for example for a new record like „Bound“ it can be nice. And to shorten and sweeten the time until the release, the Italian group publishes one single after another.

So after „Pills“ and the quieter yet crisp „The Stranger’s Eye“, Earthset present „Tourists and Terrorists“. With this new piece, the band adds another flavor to the potpourri of Prog and Art Rock, they have developed as their signature sound. And so single number three starts with classic split chords and scratchy tones.

Out from nowhere, brutal and loud the full volume breaks through, manifested in guitar blasts like in a Metal intro. A frightening moment, lifting one from the seat in the best way. The singing is emphatic and haunting with a little Pop appeal as well. The song building is now completed. 

Dissonances and the rushing rhythm make „Tourists and Terrorists“ one of the wilder pieces by Earthset. At the same time, the arrangement and structure feels quite classical. Partly, the song even appears to have an Indie and Pop Punk vibe in it. Plus a drive from Grunge like Pearl Jam or Soundgarden.

This somehow fits to the video by Elide Blind and Simone Tacconelli (who did the artwork too), that shows an old, flickering tube TV. Just like it was used in the Bowie tribute concert to let Billy Corgan be part of it. A moon, lines and shapes can be seen, as well as nails and the lyrics: „Everything is going to be all right.“

The pictures in the video are as undefined as the musical style of Earthset, always evolving and making excited, what will happen next. With this intense third single, the band showcases their diversity and increase the anticipation for „Bound“, coming via Dischi Bervisti, Costello’s and The Orchard.