Pills (Single 2021)


Progressive Psychedelic Rock

Connections and relationships lie in everything. Thinking about music, those connections already start in the making. As long as you aren’t a solo artist, songs will be probably developed in a collective. And after a lot of work and more people involved, you might present the music live, where other bands, organizers, sound engineers and the audience melt into one.

Thoughts like this are the basis for the upcoming new Earthset album „Bound“. After their last big project „L’Uomo Meccanico“, for which they even made a concert film, they follow a sophisticated attempt again. Because to get closer to their audience, they recorded everything live, without any editing. 

As if this wouldn’t be impressive enough, the concept continues in videos and artwork. The first single is entitled „Pills“. It starts with a lot of feedback, before the calm and high voice comes in. The sound and arrangement make think of other Progressive wizards like Bob Tilton. But Earthset wouldn’t be Earthset if there wasn’t a twist.

This twist brings in the heavy part. Therefore, the sound comes closer to forces like Opeth. The outro of the song is based on noises. This evolution of the song, they visualized in a video starring Maria Vico. In black and white and with particles flying around, she holds a glass in front of the left side of her face. Like this, it reminds of the EP cover of Blood & Champagne.

Maria stares into the void and barely blinks. As the song explodes, the pill falls into the glass and dissolves like Ahoj-Brause or Cedevita. The fizz creates a haze, so this part of the face is unseen. It takes until the outro, so you can see through the liquid a bit again. A hypnotizing and captivating first insight into the upcoming material, that makes curious about the entire piece.