Reunion Party

Escuela Grind, Castingcouch, Chants de Rats

New Legal Ways To Execute, Viper Room Vienna, Austria 20230905

Some bands you might try to see live since forever. Others you might not even catch at all. And then there are some, you see again just within months. So while Ankathie Koi rocks the Theater am Spittelberg and Mega Colossus the Café Carina, even three bands get together for a heavy Grindcore celebration at Viper Room

For Chants de Rats, the concert starts with technical problems. But as soon as they are solved, they unleash the same slamming power like at Venster99 in March, where Six-Score, Grimms Eye and TarLung soon will play. They have new material with them, that somehow reminds of the darkness of King 810. Singer Florian Carau leads the pit and even loses ear protectors but knows exactly where they are, picks them up, and continues with another fast one. 

They are happy to finally share the stage with Castingcouch, who have supported Wormrot the last time at the very venue. Their sound thunders up the stairs to the ground surface. It’s a noise trauma the positive way, as the circle runs around a snare drum captured by Nachtfrost Visuals. Industrial, Post Punk and El Camino Car Crash can be detected here and there, but mainly it is all about the pit, so people like to run from the very back of the long room right to the stage, as their frontman does the same. 

Tonight’s headliners Escuela Grind have been in town together with Napalm Death the last time. They open up the wall of death, tormenting ears with precise beats like Slipknot. Some extra time they take to point out, that everything they do goes out to the community including people of colour, transgender, girls, gays and theys. Then they go on with Hatebreed and after, they can be met at the merch table, signing their latest album „Memory Theater“.