Circus Show Of Real Artists

Felix Reischl, Andi Tausch, Jakob Preßmair, Michael Schatzmann

West Belt United Groove Club, Loop Wien, Austria 20210617

The concert season has reached its normal level again. In one week, you can visit acts like Fainschmitz, Vulvarine, The Röad Crew, Irgendwien or Hypnotic Floor. And at the Loop, the West Belt United Groove Club opens the stage for high class jam sessions.

A sweet idea is the event picture, which is in the style of a circus admission ticket from the 50s, promoting “real musicians”. As opener, the organizers invite likes of The Reef Formation, and this time, they have the same drummer with three other artists at his side.

Michael Schatzmann currently is active in projects like Almost Famous and Chaos Ark. Together with Felix Reischl, who plays the guitar this night, he has been in Robb before. Felix also worked with likes of Lemo, Ankathie Koi, Mathea and in musicals. The second guitarist is Andi Tausch, who made his solo debut “At Home” and is in The Flow, Sketchbook Quartet and Scattah Brain with Jahson The Scientist.

Number four is Jakob “Jackson” Preßmair on bass, who brings up names like The Veins, Tomá and eph.x3 (making think of RTL3).  So while others are watching soccer outside, inside you can enjoy great music in comfortable atmosphere for the first time again since Ruhmer back in October.

Basically the four just improvise. For example the third track they start with one cool riff from Andi, lose themselves in solo parts, which can hypnotize, watching the hands of Jakob. Only at the end, the return to the riff from the beginning. They work with various effects, sounding like other instruments, which aren’t there and bringing in vibes from heavy Rock to Tarantino soundtracks.

After a break, they play a second set, in which they sound more plane. The joy of the live music can be felt at both, on and in front of the stage. As the quartet is finished, some others get on stage to continue in alternating casts.