The Man of the Hour


Extra Show, Loop Wien, Austria 20201023


He is the man of the hour. More or less exactly one year ago, he celebrated the release of the second studio record with Gospel Dating Service. He went on tour with Oehl, played the poolbar festival with them and just one day before, they have been to Graz. And now, like his former bandmate christóh, he’s out at the Loop to present his solo material.

Ruhmer is the man who hoped that they will maybe play him on fm4. Now he is there on heavy rotation. To his guests at the show he counts Yakata and Milk+ mastermind David Furrer. On stage he is accompanied by members of The Fictionplay and Blechsalat, who help to create a wonderful emotional concert experience.

From the very first song on, the performance gives you goose bumps and makes you smile. The band appears completely happy as well, and a whole table on the back side of the stage doesn’t stop moving at any point. David Ruhmer himself is smoothly dancing. His sound suits himself perfectly, as well as the role as wonderful singer and frontman.

After the first beautiful calmer songs, he comes to “something completely different”. His very first single is “Kill Me Now”, which is a strong tune to dance to. Like in the video, Ruhmer shows his sportive side showing his Karate kicks. For the newest song so far, he jokingly has to search for the right chord, which is approved by his pianist.

For another one he has again to take up his “razor microphone”. To make his set a little bit longer, they play a cover of Paolo Nutini’sIron Sky”. The final song is “Calais”, which he wrote there with home sickness, that is now replaced by wanderlust.

The drummer David Ruhmer obviously has found his own style that fits him and his voice. The friendly show is deeply impressive, and his arrangements high class. Like this, even an hour later, the melodies are stuck in your head and the smile on your face.