June (Single 2021)


Indie Pop Rock, Singer-Songwriter

The history of gab&gal is a story of friendship and love for music taken from the picture-book. Now they are about to add another chapter and “June” is the second teaser after “See You Everywhere”.

Back in 2017, at the release show of the album “Feronia” with Hello Sally, the song already had its live debut and established itself as guarantor for a dancing audience.  The production by drummer gal puts the tune the fitting fine Pop robe on, that supports the light-footed vibe of the shaking fans. Tutor Ekki is responsible for the mastering.

“I feel that I won’t make it until June” gab ponders in the lyrics. In the outstanding music video, we follow him as he follows this thought in various situations. Timur Bas of Studio Fasching put him in the role of a postman, a night watchman and reminiscing as an old man, put on the scene by LeeJulie Rusch. Especially the mailman is appealing, as in snowy January it is hard to believe you will persevere this job until summer or even pension.

Using the different perspectives reminds of movies like “Night On Earth” or Eddie Murphys change of characters, or other clips like “Everybody’s Fool”, “Three And A Half Letters” and “What It’s Like”. The camera in “June” is always moving, and the shots match perfectly, what makes the editing a dream.

gabs performance being lost in thought on the post-bicycle and full of joy in the lonesome night is stunning as his dance moves as old man. Video and song together melt to an amazing complete work and proof what is possible if great heads work with each other.

The great craft and the charisma of the protagonist gab hopefully will continue to reach more people. And right now it is the last chance to vote for gab&gal, helping them to win at the Sound@V 2021 after round one in 2020.