Street Lights (Acoustic) – Single 2021


Alternative Acoustic Punk Rock

Those days bring an atmosphere of departure. National acts like Magic Delphin or Mo Cess present new music. The Offspring re-arranged “Gone Away” on their latest album “Let The Bad Times Roll”. And another Alternative Punk outfit has been working as well.

With “Street Lights”, FLEKS re-imagined the second song in an acoustic costume after “Hotshot”, out via Dachshund Records and Chat Noir Agency. In the original music video, we follow the protagonist in Point-of-View-Shots. He gets up like in “Do Ya Thing”, “Zero Gravity” or “No Breaks”, and commits a crime like in “Pilule”.

It gets trippier though like award-winning “Smack My Bitch Up” by Jonas Åkerlund. In the new version, FLEKS calm down the temper. On social media they reveal that recording the intro was hard and they may never play it live and that the tune went from favorite to they can’t hear it anymore.

But it also “led the way to our sound and the way we put songs together”. This statement points out the importance of the piece for the band. With the new intro, the direction could even lead to a Psychedelic Rock one. The guitar really is on point, also later on adding an acoustic solo audio track.

Lyrically, FLEKS talk about a fallen hero, as many might know one in a way. A captain, which brings up ambivalent literary characters Nemo or Ahab. The acoustic drive opens space for filigree transitions going from the verse to the chorus. So the group greatly take benefit of the opportunities the tranquilized approach offers.

Maybe at one point, this will find its way on a stage, in an intimate candlelit room. And if not, the work still was definitely worth it. FLEKS finesse their ambitious Punk to enlightening alternate unplugged ballads.