Alienated Dances And Ballads

Greyshadow (aka Gregor Wessely) & Band

Chelsea Wien, Österreich 20220601

While another Austrian Metal Salute presented by Metal Lab rages at the Viper Room and Fritsch & The Jims perform at the Cafe Carina, a 80s Synth Pop Rock Singer-Songwriter invites to his show. Since Black River Delta ended the live sessions in May, this is the first of June at Chelsea.

In his band, Greyshadow aka Gregor Wessely gathers members of Fiesta Forever, Kitty In A Casket, Nightcolor and more. Ario Omidvar and Gabriel Denk take care of the photographs, and in the audience are more musicians like Lightts. The Waves Festival was the last concert, but Gregor played on TV between as well.

For this night, he put together an extended set of about an hour, starting with „A Higher Place“. The great chorus is even more impressive coming from the PA system. There will be songs to dance and ballads too, Gregor tells, and so the second one makes think of Elton John. Funnily, during the encore, he sings a cover of “Your Song” by the legendary Rocket Man, dedicated to his girlfriend. 

The latest single „Wake Me“ has the typical Pop appeal and sound fundament, like „The Weight“, that went number one on GIKK and the outstanding „Sway“. „Is There Anyone Here“ speaks of the feeling being alienated. Lyrics like these now are available on a beautifully designed T-shirt. The twelve songs furthermore include „When The Night Changes“, „Found Out“ and „Fast“ out via Noise Appeal Records.

Gregor definitely didn’t promise too much, as the numerous guests of all ages like to dance with his emotional everyday stories. With his band having his back and the strong arrangements, he grows beyond what might be considered a regular singer-songwriter. Greyshadow celebrates the Synth Pop of emotions and therefore is a live enjoyment fancying mainstream but reaching niches. And the next chance to see him live is at the Gleichklangfest.