Move the foot that doesn’t move at Alps Town

Ape Rites, Ivies, Juleah

Psy/Rock Night in der Remise, Bludenz, Österreich 20220528

While the Champions League comes to its end, the train takes us quickly to Bludenz. Packed with the Ländletickets, the weather invites to have a drink outside, before the Villa K. OJAB presents three pretty different but all exciting bands.

The first one is responsible for the ‚PSY‘ in the ‚Psy/Rock Night‘. Since the Dynamo Festival, Juleah spent some time on the road and celebrated their sound at Munich amongst others. The Nirvana and The Doors-shirts show their dedication to the old masters, while they take us on a great ride through sunny valleys. Their songs they like to end with fast drum rolls, and the solos keep the drive going.

Ivies were guests e.g. at the Conrad Sohm and Hugo Pansen, had recently their album (produced with Vincenz of Yakata) release party at Kramladen and soon will appear at the Musi Duss Lustenau like Sortout, Junipa Gold and The Weight. Their music is a modern, danceable Indie that makes think of big names like Bilderbuch. It lives from the great voice, that features a deep and warm tone. 

For the final, Surf, 60s Rock and Garage Punk are the keywords. Ape Rites from Zurich rocked the 2019 winter edition of the Stay Sick Festival, that is just two weeks ahead again at the Between. As speed experts, they bring movement to the audience, making the good motives for resident photographer Gabriel. Some crowdsurfing happens too, and at a point, Mr. Slipper / Beard Punch / Sarma Records boss Lukas joins on stage. With all this action, the live fun of the evening comes to its end. The ‚finest Turntablerocker of VanDance‘ DJ Cinnamon spins the records for feet that do not stop to move and so the Psy/Rock Night at the Remise is booked as another successful and lovely concert evening.