Celebrate the old and new live

OK Kid, Blumengarten

10 Jahre Jubiläumstour 2023 presented by Arcadia Live, Arena Wien – Große Halle, Austria 20230418

On Tuesday it is the beginning of the Hip Hop week this April with two big concerts. At first, Arcadia Live presents one of the most acclaimed German acts of the moment, before on Thursday, 20 Years presents the legend from the cradle of the genre New York Havoc of Mobb Deep

Before, Lena & Linus and Mele joined as support, and tonight, the tour starts for Blumengarten. The name because of tonight’s focus makes think of Blumentopf. But the duo has it’s own style, working with sweet melodies in a calm way, that the audience already has internalized, singing about mama and the colour pink.

The musicians from OK Kid spent the night before at the Eros Ramazzotti concert. Since they played at Ottakringer Brauerei several years ago as the reminisce themselves, the have a new album. Tickets from that ‚Kleiner Drei‘-Tour at B72 still remained valid. So now they can celebrate the new and the 10 year old debut, here tonight and e.g. at Lido Sounds

Frühling Winter“ is coming “Cold Brew“, and once again they position themselves clearly against right with „Gute Menschen“. Their live energy affects the audience, that knows the lyrics very well. The guitar work freshens up the experience as well, and as refresh, they hand a beer to a visitor. 

Also this time, singer Jonas finds his way to the stairs in the very back, and they invite Blumengarten, their tourmanager and merch saleswoman on stage. They even manage to perform a song acoustic and within the mobile lights in the middle of their listeners. 

As they say, they want to celebrate their first record, but the new songs like they one they premiere can acquire new fans as well. And their live ability is mainly responsible for a satisfied big hall, that sings at the end as a choir, before „Champagne Supernova“ leads them home.