How Does It Feel (Single 2022)


Alternative Indie Pop

Sometimes it would be great to simply stop being sad and be awesome instead like Barney from HIMYM. But unfortunately, life ain’t like that. Then it would help to be able to step back and look at oneself through the eyes of someone else. To leave behind the sadness and see all the beauty again.

Thoughts like those, Ivery follows in her third single „How Does It Feel“. Plus she already offers at least part of the solution with the song, as music can be medicine to get out of this kind of sticky situations. The rhythm of the fine drums by Michael Schatzmann and the concise bass of Martin Burk cary the emotional lyrics and let it swing. At the same time, the guitar of Simon Blankenbichler has a lounge atmosphere, also reminding a bit of other local Pop icons like Bilderbuch, Wanda, Flut or Ruhmer (having a new song out the very day like Dame with Onk Lou, Luis Maldonalle, Metide via Metaversus and Vaataja the day before).

Somehow the good vibes make think of the Oscar nominated „Everything Is Awesome“ from Tegan and Sara with The Lonely Island. Yet the release even climbs higher in the music video, which premiered in the evening (right before Starmania as Ivery points out). On a rooftop above the city houses, the band performs in extraordinary outfits. The boys dressed in black but with red fingernails, fitting to the bright red dress and hat of Ivery herself, shining like e.g. Ankathie Koi.

The focus of the camera lies on her, the blue sky and chimneys. Madeleine Zierlinger and Elisa Kroiss, who produced the „Lost Dreams“ video too, sometimes add close ups of the band and the three of them side-face like in „White Limo“ or „Bohemian Rhapsody“ as effect, while Tobias Pöcksteiner takes the part of Martin Burk. Ivery obviously took her time and figured out the perfect concept for her, to transport her thoughts, unfold herself musically and deliver great visual art with it as well.