Dance and Mash Out to the Wonderful and Indestructible

M.O.P, Stylo G, L’Entourloop, Anthony B, Shanti Powa, Klub Kartell

Royal Sound Night presented by Mountain Reggae Radio, Altes Hallenbad Feldkirch, Austria 20180414


The “Altes Hallenbad” in Feldkirch, known for the poolbar Festival, where acts like HIM, Monster Magnet and Flogging Molly follow one after another and Eels will perform this summer, once again hosts the Royal Sound Night.

Starting at 6 pm outside, both floors then get filled with finest Reggae strains until the early morning. On the big stage in the upper hall, the formation Klub Kartell, featuring Dellé from Seeed open with a two-hours-set. They hold a plea for love and enchourage the people to collaborate to be creativ. For the second band, Shanti Powa from South Tyrol, they are idols. This group then hosts guest singers, even though Berise knows how to sing Reggae as well as Pop and Rap perfectly.

The third artist on stage marks another highlight for many. That can be seen as the crowd dances frenetically to the tunes of Anthony B. Generally, the mood is just great, as the people seem to be infected by the joy of the sound. Meanwhile in the pool downstairs, L’Entourloop add raps and trendy parts too. The result is a very cool show, including the DJs wearing masks of old men, reminding a bit of Yello.

Back in the hall upstairs again, Stylo G from the UK presents his modern approach to Reggae and Hip Hop. Wearing an Eazy-E shirt, the excellent entertainer and his crew refill the hall, which was nearly empty when they started. Time is progressing, as the last act of the floor enters the stage. “Real Hip Hop” is screamed many times, while M.O.P rock their show. The audience gets excited as the duo performs their legendary tracks, mixed with tunes like “Lean Back”, “Three Little Birds” or “Shook Ones” as tribute to Prodigy of Mobb Deep. Like the Grandmaster, the Posse is indestructible. An amazing final for an amazing night.