Aha (Single 2021)



When the beat is going high and dropping deep at the same time. When the rhymes simply flow and the words seam winged. That is the feeling of the real Hip Hop, as it is conjured often at concerts.

GAS is a collective of fellas, who just have it in their blood. During Summer, they took a chance to play live on stages like at the poolbar Festival with Die P and Main Concept. And after „Bin Thru“ and „05:15“ featuring Vezey, they yet draw attention again with their new single and music video „Aha“.

The beat starts with a serious melody right ahead, like in the album opener „Redemption“ of La Coka Nostra-member Slaine or “Check Your Heart” by Ice-T. Then the bass drops heavily, pushing similar to Dirty South tunes, Old School ones like “2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted” or more modern German Hip Hop. This is one reason for the song being an obvious live killer, as the rhythm invites to jump and dance along.

Another one is the great hook, that gets stuck in your ear and is easy to sing with directly. The rhythm of the words is an important part as well and both protagonists Aisjj and Gra3t perfectly know, when to go fast and when to accentuate. The beat has its breaks in it too, as produced by Jherip (e.g. Bado x Akzsz).

His partners for videos are Michallon Productions, who worked for example with Samt, who visited the capital for a show with Jumping Jack Flash, Nema and PS. In Hard and Dornbirn, they found modern spots to represent the vibe of the song properly. The drone takes the look across the roofs, as GAS perform in front and inside a golf buggy and Mercedes cars, from the top looking cruising like in „Training Day“. 

Freeze frames and time warps are the effects of choice, and at the end, a live snippet once more underlines, that GAS are the once to infect you with the Hip Hop feeling.