Floating Drifting Busting

Mars Red Sky

Dawn of the Dusk Tour presented by Roadtrip To Outta Space at Arena Wien – Dreiraum, Austria 20231206

One amazing Roadtrip To Outta Space at Arena Wien currently hunts another. After local highlights like the evenings with Ozymandias and Mothers Of The Land, this next one features a very special French Stoner Rock export. Before the doors open, you can enjoy the cozy wood stove and music by Beastie Boys, Bloc Party, Kaiser Chiefs, Clutch and Sasquatch at the Beisl. 

Changing place and crossing the wintry courtyard to Dreiraum, Sebadoh and Radiohead welcome you. On the merch table, you can find the brand-new Mars Red Sky album „Dawn of the Dusk“ (out via Mrs Red Sound and Vicious Circle Records) next to others like from Red Sun Atacama promoted by Shake Promotion like Baron Crâne, Slift, Witchfinder, Little Jimi and more. 

The Heavy Progressive Psych masters visited e.g. the Kristonfest at the Spanish capital this year already and the Echoes of Erebos too. For the dedicated crowd, the Dreiraum offers the perfect amount of space. On the setlist are several new songs like the burning album opener „Break Even“ or „The Final Round“ followed by „The Light Beyond“ and „Way To Rome“. 

Jetslide solos grounded on countless effects connected with patch cables on the pedalboard and well-place doublebass entries enrich the sound, that manifests Classic, Chorale, Blues and Doom bits like Orchid and Green Lung. The vocals are the beautiful addition to the big Fuzz, that is in the foreground. Complex structures drown and disappear in floating lightness of cloudy distortions. 

Young and old guests enjoy this spectacle of notes that form this carefree and relaxed music. Like this, time flies and another fantastic Roadtrip comes to its end. There are two more to go this year featuring High Transition and Cadû as headliners. Plus several other events including shows by Vulvarine, Paul Plut, Heavysaurus, and Boogie Hammer.