1000 dB and running

Origin, Rings Of Saturn, Hideous Divinity, Graveslave

The Unparalleled World 2018 Tour presented by Mad Tourbooking, Viper Room Vienna, Austria 20180418


Mad Tourbooking is known for bringing acts like Napalm Death on the road and to places like the Club Vaudeville. Now they bring a Death Package to the Viper Room, lead by a band who was supporting Marduk and Immolation at ((szene)) already, and just played the Underworld downstairs of The World’s End in London.

Young and hungry Graveslave from Minnesota is the first that plays. While others enjoy the sun outside, they manage to take you to a dark and brutal parallel universe. Their sound is a running, complex, classic Death Metal with a magnificent voice on top. Singer Doombringer screams about “Slit Throats and Garrote” and even plays kind of a zombie resurrection reminding of Alice Cooper.

Hideous Divinity from Rome are the Italian spice in the American primordial soup of the night. They obviously are in a very good mood, joking about the clichés of their gestures. The first one starting moshing makes singer Enrico smile. For short time some friends join this guy, dancing to the marvellous sound and impressive appearance.

Before it comes to the headliner, the Rings of Saturn perform their Alien Death from another world. Ian greets the crowd with a short “Hey!”, earning laughs for this unexpected beginning. Their songs include samples of e.g. Santana. Feels like extra-terrestrials try to imitate human sound. Plus the instrumental track features a very cool drum solo.

And then Origin come to set the place on fire. Not only it was exactly 8 years ago they played at the Arena, this night there also ten years of “Antithesis” to celebrate. As if it would need a reason to celebrate Death Metal music. But again, the show is great fun. And one older fan is simply fascinating, standing topless at the front for the whole show no matter how often he got hit. Respect.