Under the skull, the bones unite

Heathcliff, Glue Crew, A Guy Named Lou, So Much More, Rebell Bagatell, Discorrected

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It is day two of this very first festival in a long while. Mad respect to organizers like Musicjunky Bookings, SBÄM, and in this case Christoph (Pirates Web & Art) with the help of Alfie from NoBack Booking, who will appear on stage first.

Discorrected is the name of this band, who blend various styles into their Punk such as Metal. “Frustration”, “Part Of The Ship” and “Counting The Days” are on the setlist as well as a new one performed together with Alfie (Far From Autumn) and a cover of “Boss of me”. The following Rebell Bagatell are on fire, playing songs from their debut “Delorean” like “Blumenstrauss” and “Wir sind die Kinder” and even featuring a short choreography.

The group So Much More stands for more Ska and Hard Rock influence. Their topics range from the weekend to the hot summer days in Vienna, a super hero who is part koi carp and festivals. With A Guy Named Lou, it gets more political, with songs from “Coloumbo” like “Monument” and new material as well. Plus they give the hint that in front of the hall, there is the possibility to donate to “Asyl in Not”.

Straight from Schwarzach, the Glue Crew travelled to the capital (and soon will return to the Café Carina). They present many songs from the new record “Mundartpunk Forever” like “Geniale Dilettanten”, “Marilena” and “Manda”. On “King of the Pongau” Andi delivers a great solo and about drummer Benni they joke it’s his sixteenth birthday. For the big ending, Heathcliff take over the stage. It is the final chance to be moving on one’s seat and enjoy the atmosphere of live Punk Rock, with e.g. “Conjuring” from their debut.

Under the banner of the skull, the Pirates Days presented the diversity of Punk and its community, which attracted fans, bookers and musicians like from Dynamo Mühlschüttel, Traincorn and others. At the ((szene)), the plan continues with Bad Sellin’ Record, Wir & Jetzt, Assim Records and Dirty Blues Sommerfest and more. And significantly, Tele5 has “Treasure Island” on its program this Sunday…