Expect The Extraordinary

Placebo, Deadletter

2022 UK & European Tour presented by FM4 Indiekiste and Barracuda Music at Wiener Stadthalle D, Austria 20221102

While Rola Music presents Pure Chlorine, Blaqrock and Monsters Of The Ordinary at B72, an Alternative Rock heavyweight returns for the second time within months to Austria. After the Nova Rock, they appear at the Wiener Stadthalle, where tennis pros poured their sweat just few days before.

Deadletter is the young energetic formation, that opens the show tonight. They have just released a new single „Madge’s Declaration“ from their upcoming debut EP. Their funky cheerful musical style reminds of early Red Hot Chili Peppers with some Arctic Monkeys and Bonaparte Indie and the Punk attitude of The Cramps. On stage, the saxophone is a huge plus like it is for Dog Eat Dog while some dance moves bring Ryder The Eagle to one’s mind. Gig’s highlight is „Fit for Work“, that some of the audience already like to sing with.

After the beautiful box set „A Place for Us to Dream“ which Placebo released to their twentieth anniversary in 2016, they have released their new album „Never Let Me Go“ in March this year. Obviously, they like the songs, as they play all eleven of them, starting with „Forever Chemicals“ and „Beautiful James“. And for those in doubt, they manage to convince even ‚old‘ fans live. String harmonies from the violin help the melancholic atmosphere of the songs, and 17 screens show that they invested into a good show.

Still the big hits coming in the end give a little extra push. It’s the „Song to Say Goodbye“ of „Meds“ and „The Bitter End“ from „Sleeping With Ghosts“ ringing in the finals. As first encore, Placebo deliver „Shout“ of Tears for Fears, for which they published a music video lately. The touching melody of Kate Bush’sRunning Up That Hill“ completes this remarkable concert  evening of a band which has no fear to put aside more of their known material to celebrate the new.