Trapped in the Spiderweb (Single 2022)

Noise Flow

Electronic Post Rock

Modern technologies in communication, film and audio production offer various new possibilities and options, to combine ideas and decorate the sound. Following influences like Royal Blood and Muse, a Czech group reports back with a new single and lyric video after „Margot“ and „At The End“.

They got me trapped in this prison of seclusion“, 2Pac rapped over thirty years ago. Noise Flow see themselves „Trapped in the Spiderweb“. The fascinating animals are not always welcome. Many movies took on the arachnophobia like „Tarantula“, „Eight Legged Freaks“ and the two successful film series „Lord Of The Rings“ and „Harry Potter“.

While the typography reminds of the „Treehouse of HorrorSimpsons episodes, the cover has a Cyberpunk style in general like Chaos Over Cosmos, that is repeated in the video. A figure holds the strings, with a labyrinth on the dress, the spiderweb in the back and the logo in the upper left corner. The extremities coming from the back look like the ones of Doctor Octopus in „Spider-Man 2“.

The start of the song in some way reminds of Drowning PoolsReminded“ and features bell sounds. In the verse, the pure synth action goes on already, and the energy makes think of Dohny Jep or Lost Zone. Noise Flow work with great melodies again and sometimes distort the voice.

In the chorus, the drums drive the vocals further, coming close to likes of Billy Talent and giving a nice option to bang one’s head. The wild style they underline in the lyric video, featuring the drawing of the cover amongst others. The main colors are purple and light blue, and the labyrinth is spinning on the dress and in the eyes.

Trapped in the Spiderweb“ seems to be written for some wild live action, with its fast synth-tunes and the straight drum beat. Another modern Electronic Post Rock piece of Noise Flow, that can get any party started at a Metalpunk place.