No Need For MTV With 0816 Acoustic

Ivery, Basma & Orwa

0816 Acoustic presented by Sara Filipova at Loop Wien, Austria 20221221

It’s the final countdown until Christmas. Only a few days are left, as it is pretty cold outside. But the comfortable warmth inside the loop attracts people to fill the tables and even the dance floor, as Sara Filipova invites to another 0816 Acoustic evening, mixed by Christoph Ertl.

The last edition was in November with Now. and Gizem. This time, a sign above the stage announces Basma & Orwa, who get on stage first and play togehter in an Ensemble as well. Many cultures have their own string instruments that formations like The Hu, New UrengoY or Ritual Day like to use. Coming from Syria, the duo combines the sound of the Oud with beautiful singing. This can be charmingly quiet close to fingerstyle guitar up to nearly some kind of Oriental Metal like Orphaned Land. Because of the heat in their home country, they are awake during the night and sing about the moon. 

The only pity during this wonderful concert is one person disturbing the silence and attentive audience and even causing the first ever police operation at a 0816 Acoustic. As second act, Ivery has arranged her songs together with her band in an acoustic costume. Since their show at B72, „Danny“ was released, which they play next to the hits „How Does It Feel?“ And „Lost Dreams“. Organizer Sara and Ivery know themselves since school, and with the people at the front, it feels like a family reunion (except again another person talking loudly). Especially the amazing guitar playing of Simon Blankenbichler (KessKess) make this reimagined versions special plus the double bass of Georg Buxhofer

As Ivery asks, which song is missing, her audience knows, it’s „Believer“. As final surprise, she plays „Little Bluebird“ with her new keytar. Even though there were some troublemakers this night, the conclusion is that we don’t need MTV Unplugged (Korn, Nirvana, Samy Deluxe). The next 0816 Acoustic is on 11th January with Harry Dean Lewis and Session In Her Room, and meanwhile, you can listen to the Christmas streams featuring Ivery or to „Silent Night, Lofi Night“ of drummer Michael Schatzmann.