Times Like These Days Rockin’ 

Roswell 606, Woke

Foo Fighters / Taylor Hawkins Tribute Show, Coco Bar Vienna, Austria 20220922

This ‚false Friday‘, not only BSG plays at Club1019 and BSC at Arena, but especially at the Gürtel, it is highlife. Big Time Baby are at Café Carina, Cecilia and Sankt Krinzinger at Kramladen and Discorrected celebrate their album release at Chelsea. And at Coco, two bands travelled from the nearby Weinviertel to pay tribute to Taylor Hawkins (Foo Fighters, Coattail Riders).

It’s been a while since the gig of hijss, but the relaxed atmosphere of the bar returns immediately with sounds of CCR, Black Keys, Heart, G’n’R and Deep Purple. Organized and mixed by members of Midnight Creek, The Soundheads, Boundary and Hangover Division (appearing on the same stage with JLP a week later), Woke are the first band of the evening, wearing merch of Hatsnriver. They have an Alternative Garage Indie style like Babyshambles meet The Hives, Lenny Kravitz and Weezer, shifting to (Post) Grunge like Seether and I’m A Sloth. Unreservedly, Alex, Valentin and Clemens dash through songs like „Decision Year“ from their album „Summit“. 

Drummer Valentin and singer JuNo are founding members of the Foo Fighters Coverband Roswell 606. Like The Röad Crew, they dedicate their musical effort to an iconic band, they experienced live at Pula. With Roswell 606, Austria has its equivalent to the Faux Fighters of San Diego and Foor Fanti from Italy. During the soundcheck, we hear „Learn To Fly“ already. The set features obligatory tunes like „All My Life“ and „Everlong“. But they also picked some very special ones, that the original doesn’t necessarily play live. After „The Sky Is A Neighborhood“ and „These Days“ we hear „In The Clear“ from „Sonic Highways“, between the classic „Big Me“, followed by „Cloudspotter“ from the latest „Medicine at Midnight“ and „Cold Day in the Sun“ sung by Valentin. Apart from the Foo Fighters, they like to add some Nirvana

Roswell 606 deliver a very good performance, that might not be Wembley Tribute, but is big fun as well. And like at Kellertheater Strasshof and Rock am Berg, they will rock the Schutzhaus Zukunft soon and the Acoustic Campfire next year.