Winning Smile & Sophisticated Way


The Loft Vienna, Austria 20211105

While international concerts like from Fleshgod Apocalypse, Sepultura, BSC or Finntroll have to be rescheduled again, local ones are still possible this November week. At Chelsea, Franz Fuexe are announced and The Pisshands and FFA play the very evening, while our target is The Loft.

töchtersöhne (Ant Antic, Dream Noir, Intra, Simon Lewis, Truckfighters, Witchrider and more) there present RUHMER (ink music). Like his former band buddy Christoh, who will appear later this month at The Loft, he is here to present new music, as he has been quite busy the last few weeks and months.

When he was not in the studio, he played gigs for example at the Bohemian Pleasures or Waves Festival. Meanwhile, he also travelled to Calais at the land of the Sticks and in the news lately because of refugees and a whale, to shoot a music video trilogy like Danko Jones or Slayer. And the name of the city that is the portal to Dover is the title of his first song this night as well.

The singles „Truth“ and „Universe“ saw the light of day already some months ago and therefor are known. „Sea“ is so „cheesy“, that Ruhmer thought, he will never release it, but it is fun to play, as he tells. So it will be part on his debut EP that will be out in the beginning of December.

The video for „Deep Down“ is online since Friday, shot in Calais  and with its sweet tones reminding of the Piedone film music. In „To The Wild“, it feels like the drummer in Ruhmer had to break out bit more again, and it will be on the second EP, coming next year. 

The song to give the fans goose bumps is „Home“, the first encore, followed by Paolo Nutini’sIron Sky“ and the final „Kill Me Now“. Ruhmer’s way is very sophisticated and has a fabulous band at his side, consisting of bandmembers of likes of Lush City Ferals, Glazed Curtains, Blechsalat and The Fictionplay. This, self-made shirts and his absolutely winning smile on stage make his shows that special.