Low Deep Creeping Noise Up Your Feet

Oranssi Pazuzu, Deafkids, Sturle Dagsland

New Technocracy European Tour 2022 presented by Roadtrip To Outta Space and Doomstar Bookings, Arena Wien – Große Halle, Österreich 20220525

While the Gürtel Connection at the Loop marks the debut live appearance of Ivery, we are on another Roadtrip To Outta Space. At the small hall, Sóley makes up her concert, and so the event was moved to the big hall. And as The Raw Stuff collaborates for a year-long gigposter project, tonight’s wonderful artwork comes from Irrwisch Design, like the day before from Dr. Knoche for Ufomammut and Sâver and the next from Miss Felidae Illustration.

The first support act this evening comes from Norway. Sturle Dagsland is not possible to categorize. Because what the two likeable guys craft on stage, goes beyond genre borders. One of the two main components is the singing, that can remind of a bird like The Hu or IDDD. The other one are the special instruments giving the rhythm. Plus the performance is energetic, as the cymbal is played with the foot and the songnames earn laughters, as they are mostly noise, you can think of a phonetic spelling.

Deafkids from Brazil are similar uneasy to get into, but at some point, the beats from the drums get everyone. Their experimental attempt to Rock with electronic inputs is as Psychedelic as it can be, building soundwalls, that melt down and creep along the floor of the hall, up your feet and shatter your limbs like SunnO))).

This willful warmup leads us to the headliner of the night, we have been waiting for since 2020. Oranssi Pazuzu from Finland concentrate their set on the last two records out via Svart Records and Nuclear Blast. The mighty concentrated power of their instrumental soundbed interrupted by Black Metal screaming is a beautiful experience in real life. During the waiting time, they did a stream as well, and they have the live album from Roadburn with them. But those low vibes like from Morricone’sL’Ultima Diligenza per Red Rock“ are best to undergo in person.