In the Flesh of Mankind – My friends, destroy everything!

Septicflesh, Inquisition, Odious

Presented by District 19, Viper Room Vienna, Austria 20180108

The new year is already one week old, so it is definitely time for the first concert. And with this awesome ensemble playing at Viper Room presented by District 19, the start could not be better in any sense.

Even though it is Monday, the people fill the place very quickly. With twenty minutes delay, the fairly unknown Odious from Egypt unleash their music on the audience. Ranging from classic Heavy Metal and Hard Rock Riffs to Progressive parts, Death Metal singing to Black Metal thunders, they are the big surprise of the evening. The oriental influence even makes it danceable, and the symphonic ones with fists raised vigorous. An outstanding gig, that has to be seen. Hopefully soon again. Song tip: A Picture Of Dead Art.

The second act is the reason to appear for many for sure: Inquisition, basically from Colombia, are a blast. The phenomenal drums and the engrossing guitar, what else could you wish for. Two big banners flank the stage, and the corpse paint appears sinisterly evil in the shiny basement. Only the big lamps, that light the audience, are way too bright for the room and the eyes. But the sound therefore is huge, without needing any ear plugs, as well as their latest piece “Bloodflesh…” released via Season of Mist.

From this record title to the godfathers of e.g. Fleshgod Apocaplypse. The Greek Symphonic Death pioneers Septicflesh hit the stage for the big final. Compared to their predecessors they appear tame, supported by repeating announcements beginning with “My friends”. “Destroy everything!” are the other words that get the people to party and jump, and the orchestral and choir parts invite to sway and wave. Depending on the favorite musical style, the highlights can range from “The Vampire from Nazareth”, “Prometheus” to “Anubis” or “Portrait Of A Headless Man” from their latest “Codex Omega”.


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