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AF90, le:la

„Big Business“ EP Release Show presented by Arcadia Live and LilyLivered Music, ORF RadioKulturhaus Wien, Austria 20240319

While Svalbard and Enslaved ring in spring with dark arts at ((szene)) presented by TON Music Productions, the Art Pop arrives at RadioKulturhaus. Where Scheibsta, Danger Dan and many others took advantage of the acoustics before and Doppelfinger the day after, a newcomer releases his debut EP live supported by LilyLivered Music, Arcadia Live and GIKK.

Opening act is le:la, who published her first EP last year. She is proud to be on the stage, where Milky Chance has played as well. Michael Paul (Deep Talk) adds the right amount of guitar to her keys. In her set, she mixes „drunk on you“ with the new „ghost“ and the Banks cover „Contaminated“ and as closer „twentyone“. Then the employees try to hold the audience in the hall, as the main show just starts few minutes later. 

For Andreas Födinger aka AF90, it is not the first show in general, but the first solo one, as he tells. As former member of Bilderbuch and drummer of Farewell Dear Ghost, he knows how to entertain his guests. His EP features seven songs and coverpics by Christoph Liebentritt taken at Gartenbaukino

There are no show gimmicks on stage but the band, freezing, running on the spot and kneeling down with the audience during „can we talk about me?“. The voice of Ricarda Maria Oberneder (Hikee Bikini) is the highlight in the ballad „I think we’re alone now“, like the drum duel with Michael Schatzmann (Ivery, Ankathie Koi) in „Bad Drummer“ before „Real Talk“. 

The tripple „Muchacho“, „Television Bubble Life“ and „Buy My Art Before I Die“ takes the set to the end. A Fleetwood Mac cover and short and powerful outro finish a highly entertaining concert, that points out the impact of several voices and is taken to A38 / Budapest the day after.