Music bringing joy to the heart

Yunger + guests, Sam Chalcraft

„Of Hopes & Dreams“ Album Release Show, Kramladen Wien, Austria 20221001

While the ‚long night of museums‘ is going several concerts are on across the town of Vienna. Welshly Arms, Stoned Jesus, Christoh, Mo Cess, Telquist, Hangover Division and JLP are just some of the names to be found at places like the Grelle Forelle, RKH, 1bm and Coco. And at Kramladen, probably the two best and lovliest Singer-Songwriters around teamed up for yet another album release show.

Almost exactly three years ago, Sam Chalcraft presented his own debut full-length „From Busk Till Dawn“ at the very place. Tonight he returns as support act, taking chance performing mostly new songs like „Victory and Defeat“. With his clear voice and gentle guitar playing, he captivates the numerous audience. One old tune he pulls out is the amazing „What Have You Done“ from his „Skeletons“ EP. For the final, he sits down at the piano, for a gorgeous dedication to his grandmother.

The devotional atmosphere continues, as Yunger gets on stage, to celebrate his new album „Of Hopes & Dreams“, that he even published on vinyl. From his extended song catalogue, he plays a great mix, including „Bus Ride“ or „Running Out Of Time“ with his first guest SodL on accordion. Like when presentingOf Journeys & Other Longings“, Stella for Strangers lends her voice for some duets. Another new guest this time is Lukas Mantsch from All Faces Down and Johannes Peer joins on trumpet. The story how they met is just beautiful as well, as they got to know each other when playing their instruments at home during lockdown. 

During that time, song like „Smile“ was created. More dreamlike moments bringing joy to one’s heart are “Feels Like Home“, “Another Evening Spent at Home” and when all five musicians together perform „Let There Be Hope“. Coming close to the end, „Slug“, „For All You’ve Lost“, „Yet another travel song“ and the mandatory instrumental finish „Winds Of Paris“ complete an exceptional release show, that rings in the start of the tour.