Soul Singer-Songwriter Art Pop Rock

Ivery, Maria Magdalena

Doppel Solo Konzert at Cafe 7*Stern Wien, Austria 20230112

The concert year 2023 starts similar like the one before ended. Because it was close to Christmas, when the Loop and 0816 Acoustic invited to a reduced and cosy show. The Cafe 7*Stern proofs, that it can be even not one louder like in Spinal Tap but one more silent and intimate. 

Entering through the front entrance, a friendly waitress tells that the concert is in the ‚living room‘ right around the corner. There, a donation can be given at the door and drinks are available too. As every table is full, Maria Magdalena, who initialized the evening, starts the quiet set with a wonderful guitar. The fingerstyle reminds of Peter Ratzenbeck and the sweet itchy sound of Paul Plut. Changing to the keyboard, Justin Currie comes up as well. Between the songs, Maria Magdalena makes little jokes, telling that a guy singing sad songs is not the favorite imagination.

In the year before, Maria Magdalena was part of a music video of Ivery. They know each other since they played transverse flute and trombone in a big band around 2007 she tells. Performing for the first time completely alone, she made a big effort, to make her songs work with different devices, starting with „Lost Dreams“. About the next song, she tells how it reminds her of Christina Stürmer, before she takes out her keytar. Then it is time for another premiere, as she presents the new song „Wild Love“. For the great „In The Light“ she uses a drum computer and enjoys the silence between the end of the song and the applause like Magic Delphin.

With „Little Bluebird“ and „Danny“, Ivery prepares the audience for the encore. Two more songs, she sings together with Maria Magdalena. Watching her playing the piano, Alicia Keys might come to ones mind, and combined with the second voice, the final has a little touch of Lou Reed too.