Getting Ready At Eve

The Cycling Shrimp

Instagram Live Session Stream, Austria 20211023

In Vienna, it is another busy concert weekend, where you can enjoy all kind of genres. At the Escape, the mighty Disbelief do the honor. At The Loft, Duzz Down San present the Mo Cess & Chrisfader release show. And for some Grunge and Punk, NoBack Booking hosts I’m A Sloth and Salamirecorder at the Chelsea.

Still, it can happen, that a gig has to be cancelled. And in case of Philipp Timmelmayer aka The Cycling Shrimp, he doesn’t want to let the day pass without playing few songs for people, even though it has to be via an online stream. And so, like one and a half years ago with The Boy I Used To Be, he takes his place in front of the camera, only this time he is standing and dancing and not sitting.

He starts the set with a sweet instrumental intro, mainly based on patterns on his acoustic guitar. Just like taking „Crime Busters“ as entrance theme. The first song then he plays without a loop, what works really good for „Figurine“. For the second one „Casiosa“, the main melody is saved on the little keyboard, so he can add more layers after to this ‚Polka‘.

About „Escape Plan“, he tells that the lyrics are somehow about himself and at the same time they’re not. They are about the thoughts how to get away from an unpleasant situation. For the solo part, he thought about which instrument to take and chose the kazoo. Another instrument he takes for percussion is the egg shaker in the following „Cloud Bed“.

Track number five is a new one about a lady living in the same house named „Estelle“. The melody somehow has a 90s vibe while the lyrics go ‚Elevator up, elevator down‘. During „Evaporate“, a cat named ‘Cookie’ is watching as well. So all five songs from the first CD “Cocktail Party” are there. And another new EP is already in the making, like the last tune he performs.

For The Cycling Shrimp, it was kind of a training for his concerts with Gina Holzmann at Local and Aera. A beautiful eve session with the looseness of Ryder The Eagle, and the after-show is announced at Unders.