Severe Melancholic High Dynamic 

Paul Plut

„Ramsau am Dachstein nach der Apokalypse“ Release-Show, WUK Wien, Austria 20211020

When a concert grows beyond its concept. When lyrics, visions and vibes come together clenched as one. When you can’t separate the theatrical presentation from the dynamic of sound. Then you probably experience a very exceptional show from a devoted artist.

In this case, we talk about none other than Paul Plut. The singer of Viech published his debut in 2017 followed by b-sides and appeared e.g. as support of Matt Boroff. Via his newsletter, he keeps his followers updated and gives deeper insights in his work. Since then, the attention keeps rising. Acclaimed gigs at the Sargfabrik or Radiokulturhaus got captured and even aired on ORFIII, and the BR and theyshootmusic like to cover his activities as well.

At the WUK, he presents his new album „Ramsau am Dachstein nach der Apokalypse“. On the seats, little brochures are placed. Paul starts solo, loudly with a kettledrum. Minimalistic, yet pompous, as the whole set will feel. Like Bob Dylan, the songs are modified live compared to the records. The one with the biggest impact this night is „Lucken in der Landschaft“, a song about Steyr, performed without amplification, that even moves to tears.

Katzenburg“ and „B320“ are more highlights from the new release plus the conciliatory final „Hinterm Haus“. But the double feature „Lärche“ and „Teifi“ from the debut doesn’t fail its effect either. In comparison, the recent material appears more quiet and soft, but in short parts again wild and still severe. 

Paul’s playing with fingerpicks brings out the notes clearly, and his band is in it too. With the dialect, the songs sometimes have a little Austropop touch, but really just a little. More it makes think of other dialect artists like Gina Holzmann and Ewig Frost with the tone of Mose

The wonderful concept and staging, the honest songs and accomplishment of the musicians make this Paul Plut concert something special again. And it even feels, that through magic, the scenery of Ramsau am Dachstein takes a hold of all of us.