Of Hopes & Dreams (Album 2022)


Folk Singer-Songwriter

Close to the frontier between summer and autumn, it simply feels like the right time for the release of a beautiful Folk album to extend the warm season a little bit. „Of Hopes & Dreams“ not only follows the title format of the debut „Of Journeys & Other Longings“, but offers more familiar details. 

One is, that Yunger once again chose the Kramladen for the release show. This time, even a vinyl will be available, to make the artwork photographs even more enjoyable. And there will be postcards as well, what kind of underlines a kind of good old-fashioned way, that we will experience musically too.

Because full-length number two starts very classical with plugged chords and the clear voice of composer Felix Junger (also Raenner), that in several layers gets a touch of Simon and Garfunkel again. With „The Road Keeps Calling“, he dives into one of his favorite topic, traveling. Nice high chords and Beirut swing lead to another brilliant refrain, listing places to be, that everyone can complement for example with Siberia, Mexico or South Africa.

Talking about campfires amongst enjoying other ‚little things‘, „Feels Like Home“ has a little Country vibe. Walking home wet and dreary roads in the middle of the night, it takes on a even more special meaning. The „Never Ending Holiday“ Yunger spends in harmony with Stella for Strangers (Stellaccord), like on „Pocket Poetry“.

In the traditional style, the mouth harp, little solos and keys pepper the drive. The title „Smile“ reminds of Lagwagon, before „Winds Of Paris“ feels like the reprise of „On The Run“. A great fingerstyle opener for the B-side. „Another Evening Spent At Home“ featuring Johannes Peer (Blech Brass Brothers) picks up another topic to relate, in a balladesque manner like „Lucky Luke“.

After a bit of Johnny Cash Rock’n’Roll, it gets a little bit quieter with „And I Wonder“, combining elements from likes of Georg Danzer, Bright Eyes and Jack Johnson. With the earliest single „Let There Be Hope“, Yunger closes a wonderful second chapter, that actually gives hope and lets you dream.