Bound (Album 2022)


Experimental Alt-Rock Prog

When a slightly whispering wind around the Two Towers turns to a wild squeaking storm, you probably listen to one of the most active and innovative music exports from Bologna. With their creative artistic standard and their will to develop, they are set for 2022 with their new album. 

Somehow it feels like Earthset has split „Bound“ into acts like a play. For each song, they have a separate cover and video. After a sound effect intro, it feels like the wind is bursting the doors in „Tourists and Terrorists“. Right after, the beautiful quiet highlight „Arpeggio“ reminds of Andrew York.

The sound is always special and the superficial genres in act two range from Grunge like Seether or strumming Wino to Metal like SOAD / Serj Tankian / Scars on Broadway as well as Cadû, Metallica or Altitudes & Attitude to Indie like Kettcar or Placebo. The picture of the woman with the photograph in the „High Hopes“ clip makes think of the mystic „The Calm Hunter“-cover.

Act III transitions with noise, haunted by naughty distortion bringing up Animal Collective. It includes „The Mirror“, based on a tale by Jorge Luis Borges and creating parallel worlds like in „The Door“. Anarchy flares up like structures in an oval in the video, continuing trippy like Raketkanon.

We enter the final chapter quietly and fine again, of course with a crescendo and strong drums and Prog like Second Relation or Oddplay. The elements of the prior acts and effects turn to a tornado growing and downsizing again. In „Pills“, it feels like a summary of the album, concluding the noises, distortions, melodies and the power within all of those. 

With „Bound“, Earthset continue their work with great concept as the previous soundtrack „L’Uomo Meccanico“. Providing an avant-garde experience for ears and eyes with the images and videos, the whole record will leave you wishing for some wind again, after the storm is gone.