Evil Drop (LP 2023)

Evil Drop

Punk Stoner Hardcore

Simplicity. Reduction. Focused on the really basic low-down essential substance. That is what the debut EP cover was about: a bloodred drop and the band’s name written next to it. And like the raw sound, the illustrated LP artwork by Natasha Kikx is simply reduced again: blood running from an eye on white ground and typography below. Pictographic like „Blood In My Eye“ by Ja Rule and actually pictured in „One Hour Photo“. 

Coming to the eight tracks on the self-titled album of Evil Drop from Niort, France, the Fuzz, Grunge and screams give impressions of likes of The Black Angels, VOVK or Baroness. From the very beginning, the songs are direct with a Punk twist, and e.g. „Come With Us“ reminds of the vocals by Page Hamilton of Helmet as well as the drums. „I Swear“ slows down the pace a bit, getting closer to Crowbar or Eyehategod.

The mid-tempo burner „Viens Ici“ marks a personal highlight on this record with its straight beat, catchy riff and Hardcore chorus. Going on in similar ways, one can even hear some melodic Alternative Rock like early Foo Fighters or Danko Jones with the cowbell during the following songs. The bass is trembling, and at a point in „Corporate“, Paul Inder comes to one’s mind, telling how his father Lemmy demonstrated him the power of jamming on one chord.

Like Birds of Nazca, Evil Drop proofed on their EP already, that it takes just two musicians for incredible sound. With the album, they underline their strong statement. Nicely mean, partly even smelling like Drone and Black Metal too, they make you want „More“ at the end. Who is into wild, raw and original „Lo Sound Desert“ Stoner Rock is definately well served here.