One Day Glory

Kristonfest 2023 – Announcement

Sala La Paqui (Antigua BUT) Madrid, Spain 20230527

Travelling is beautiful in general, but even more if it the motivation a musical one and it is combined with live music. Madrid might be famous for soccer and the Classico against Barcelona. But for its tenth anniversary, a Stoner Doom Hard and Blues Rock festival has moved from Santana 27 Bilbao over La Riviera and Mon to central La Paqui (Antigua Sala BUT). 

Right before, Uncle Acid visit the very place and Wolfmother shortly after, who both were guests at the Kristonfest already. Over the years, the music fans behind the event hosted an incredible list including Church Of Misery, Truckfighters, Motorpsycho, Trouble, John Garcia, High On Fire, The Hellacopters, Slift, Stöner and many more. 

Once again, the fantastic poster artwork comes from Raúl Viana. The colours remind of M4A ’21, while an angel is falling and Excalibur is waiting at the end of the stairs. As media partners, they have Ruta 66, El Coyote, The Obelisk and DenpaFuzz on board, and for this special edition, they could win again four amazing bands to celebrate the occasion.

Opener of the evening will be Rosy Finch from Alicante, who jumped in for Inter Arma. They combine Sludge and Stoner with Grunge and Alternative and have their new album „Seconda Morte“ with them. At the beginning of the month, they appear at Desertfest London with Unsane and Weedeater, who will tour with act number two Mars Red Sky as well. 

Promoted by Shake Promotion, they reached a world-wide audience with their telestream concert and will be part of Echoes of Erebos this year. Fresh from the (vinyl) press, they will serve their EP with Queen Of The Meadow. For The Obsessed and Wino, the European fans had to wait several years, but finally, after the releases of 2017 „Sacred“, the 2020 solo „Forever Gone“ and a documentary, they will return.

Several stops will include Freak Valley and Desertfest Berlin. Headliners of the Kristonfest will be Graveyard, part of the 2000s Retro Psych Rock revival like Rival Sons. After supporting Motörhead, headlining tours with e.g. Troubled Horse and this years co-headlining shows with Kadavar, they will be the fitting conclusion.