Take A Train Through The Wintery Quiet

MIKK, Ivery

Shadow Selves Tour Herbst presented by Rola Music at Red Box Mödling, Austria 20231125

As the snow falls quietly again at Bud-Spencer-Park, desolat break loose another storm at Venster99 together with Eu’s Arse from Udine and recently reunited I.O.N.U. And that’s not all, as Giöbia, Fiesta Forever and Fuzzman are out there too. But just a stone’s throw away from Vienna, Rola Music invites to a likewise quiet evening to redbox Mödling.

It is situated right next to the Haus der Jugend, that is wonderfully explained with a free cartoon. The organizers present a diverse fall program, like they even had big acts like Wanda right before their huge breakthrough. Hosted by a welcoming staff, two singer-songwriter of the Alternative / Indie Pop spectrum are on the agenda this evening.

Just two days after releasing her new single „In My Mind“, the concert marks another premiere for Ivery. As she played from solo to full-band-shows before, this is the first time she performs her songs together with wonderful guitarist Simon Blankenbichler as duo. So „Wild Love“ causes early goose bumps and „Lost Dreams“ comes out again as an all-time favorite. 

How does it feel“, the audience happily sings with her before „You Let Me Down“. Between, she thanks engineer Michi and Max for inviting her and about „On Fire“ she explains, that it ‚luckily is a fast and not slow song with this title‘. As encore, she adds „We’re falling to pieces“ on her keytar that she carried ‚eleven minutes from Vienna‘ by train and soon she will play with full band again at The Loft

At the same time, MIKK has three more gigs to go with her „Shadow Selves Tour“. Before, she shared the stage with likes of balconystories, Oehl or Junipa Gold at places like the Beserlpark Festival, Cafe Nahid, Alte Schmiede Hallein or Café 7*Stern. Tonight, she plays with Pablo from LA – Lower Austria as she jokes. 

She labels herself the ‚Queen of breakup songs‘ and has a lot to tell about her compositions like „Heartbeat“ or „Wild Ocean“. The train then follows the wintery way home, yet memories and photographs by Alexander Dorten remain.