Something Divine (EP 2022)

Junipa Gold

Alternative Rock

As spring turns to summer, the number of releases goes up high. After Lush City Ferals self-released single and Fiesta Forever promoted by Rola Music, comes another Alternative Rock highlight from the agency.

Since the self-titled debut, Junipa Gold released part of the five songs from their new EP „Something Divine“ piece by piece. Always including a live session and a music video, the series turned into a trilogy. The very first chapter is the opening song at the same time. „When Kingdoms Collide“ started a journey, with a vintage charm and modern groove. 

Raging River“ attracts with dissonance and the guitar in the background, turning to a relaxed Indie Alternative ballad. The refrain gets more epic like Welshly Arms, and the bridge has its enhancement as well. Within the trilogy, it is the end, where singer Mia performs alone in slowmotion. Chapter Two is title number three „Who’s Gonna Pay The Price“. 

This clip shows the band driving through mountain nature, making think of Sólstafir. Talking „roll the dice“, the tune has a lot to offer like the tambourine and cool, intensiv breaks. The bass carries the bridge, and with the sound, it has an Audioslave (Post-)Grunge touch and RHCPZephyr Song“ emotion too. 

The title song works with the rhythm and guitar fill-ins and a great harmony in the chorus. It has a certain Pop Singer-Songwriter appeal, telling „Don’t let me come undone“ and „illuminate the light“. Therefore, the music shines bright, what brings us to the final track.

Waste It“ again has a Pop influence of e.g. Beyonce but with Gospel and Blues and of course the Rock in it. „Havana Affair“ and „Hey Johnny Park“ can be heard in these riffs, that bring the EP to a groovy end. With „Something Divine“, Junipa Gold created a sophisticated follower to their debut with strong Alternative Rock on a high level.