Fifty Fuchzge (Album 2023)


Indie Singer-Songwriter Pop Rock

Who does not remember the fateful start of the year 2016, when David Bowie gave the world his final gift „Blackstar“ and departed this life just two days later? One month later, in the middle of Vorarlberg, something was stirring. As the winter months offered their gentle embrace, the firstlings „Aurora“ and „Feronia“ in the following year were created by the hands of gab&gal. After the extensive exploration tour, the Indie-Pop-formation ventured out into the wide open range through their second record.

Now they have released their groundbreaking third album, which fuses cosmpolitanism with local flair: „Fifty – Fuchzge“, partly in English, partly in the familiar dialect. The band’s maturity is reflected in a unique sound palette, formed from the most important elements of classic Rock’n’Roll-based music: the accentuated rhythm section consisting of drums and bass, caressed by piano chords, plus warm guitar sound. And last but not least, gabs characterful voice, the perfect unique selling point of the compositions.

Producer gal knows how to implement these elements in the studio in the right style, and not just because of his work as a vinyl DJ (e.g. at Poolbar Festival) and concert organizer (Yunger and many more). This results in the pop appeal of „June“ and „See You Everywhere“ à la The Shins as well as the Ländle coolness of „Lässig“ like the one of George Nussbaumer and Philipp Lingg

Sweet ones like „Zit zruck dreha“ and „Sternaliacht“ bring up soft Eels or Oliver Onions and e.g. on „Responsible“, the voice of Sebastian Schweiger helps. In others like „Delft“, a modern yet retro 80s style like Tape Moon was used. With this consciousness of tradition, the big release day is celebrated at Spielboden Dornbirn again. 

In close collaboration with Ekkehard Breuss for the mastering and supported by the creative power of gabs brother Vincent for the visual concept, listeners can expect an album and a show that impressively combines ironic self-assurance and melancholic self-discovery. Just like they did together with Rosi Spezial at Graf Hugo.