Scottish Hard Rock Pioneer Legancy

Nazareth, Lord Bishop Rocks

„Surviving The Law Tour 2022“ presented by Radio Bob, Rocks, Musix & Eclipsed, ((szene)) Wien, Austria 20221129

Basically this concert should have been the ending of the ‚November-((szene))-weeks‘ after the Stark!Strom Fest and Finntroll. Due to a cold, it got mid-December, but it was worth waiting for this spectacle of Hard & Heavy music and sweet memory of a lovable singer. 

As support, Lord Bishop Rocks enter the stage quite punctual. They played e.g. with The Röad Crew and Earth at replugged presented by Musicjunky Bookings before and tonight, give everything in their set full of riffs and soul. „Freedom“ and „Senator Groove“ shred the beginning, followed by some „Moonlight Serenade“ and a blues featuring a bottle of Whiskey. The multi-neck guitar and the drummer jumping up high help the Rock feeling, and as big special, Robin Frank from Vulvarine joins on bass for „Whole Lotta Love“ of Led Zeppelin.

Tonight’s heroes are Nazareth featuring Pete Agnew still touring with 76, his son Lee, Jimmy Murrison and Carl Sentance, who didn’t cancel this show like Pearl Jam but returned to sing it like three and five years ago. The hardest time it looks like they have remembering former singer Dan McCafferty during „Dream On“, who still finished another three great albums with the band back from 2008 until 2014. 

Therefore, the focus is not on the latest records „Surviving The Law“ and „Tattooed On My Brain“ but on more classics like the title song and „Broken Down Angel“ from „Razamanaz“, „Shanghai’d in Shanghai“ from „Rampant“, „Hair Of The Dog“ from the album of the same name and „Go Down Fighting“ from „Loud ’n‘ Proud“.

Like this, they let the music speak and celebrate the life and work of Dan like The Skull did for Eric Wagner lately. Over 50 years since the first album and countless gigs all around the world, Nazareth are still in demand, at least partly due to a great voice and the friendly characters behind the music.